hi netflix friends so yeah i used to have american netflix and for some reason it’s gone now can anyone help me get it back?


Holy Christ

matisse’s assistant, annelies nelck (1953)

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Anonymous asked:

How did you get into the whole freelance thing? I am trying at the moment but am kind of struggling...

i’m only trying to freelance, im not really sure why people think im succeeding! a few random people have come to me for stuff who have seen my work online, through instagram etc. it’s pocket money if anything, i have two other part time jobs that pay minimum wage and i am still very poor and it’s hard. you just gotta keep trying! but im not really taking my own advice at the moment, im finding it very hard too. 

Anonymous asked:

do you see yourself being a freelance forever? or do you see yourself doing something else like lecturing/teaching in the future as well as creating art?

the possibilities are endless!!!!!! i would love to tutor/mentor but i dont think i have it in me to lecture. it would provide a good wage to fund my work i guess! i dunno really!!!!

looking for advice from freelancing friends who have depression/mental illnesses and how they deal with clients/deadline/replying to rude emails etc thnx

two babes chillin’

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She doesn’t want me to go away again 🏡

Tove Jansson

Rei Kawakubo, by Donald Drawbertson